Cloud-Based POS

We make Cloud-based Applications Easy!

I’m due for an upgrade but my current system is expensive to upgrade and I’ll still be on a legacy POS that is just getting me by.

Why you should upgrade to Cloud POS

  • Fixed price subscription with updates and maintenance included

  • No more surprises, blink twice and new features are loaded through the cloud

  • Financial flexibility. The lower cost of cloud based software and consumer based hardware means your never stuck

Vision & Configuration

BRP Cloud clients move straight to configuration of their solution with the help of BRP Cloud’s concierge service.

Agile Implementation

Our solution experts aid in setting the system up to meet your unique business needs quicker than ever before.


Our trained professional technician installs your devices, applications and tests the solution to ensure you are ready to sell.

User Training

If your employees are using tablets and smart phones today, they should be well prepared to use the solutions we offer.

It’s easier than you think!

Launching a new Goldilocks location was greatly simplified with BRP Cloud. It was helpful to have their assistance configuring and customizing the system to my liking. I’m very happy to be controlling my labor and food costs using the intuitive features built into their provided system.  Online reporting tools as well as available reports on my mobile phone really helped in making timely adjustments and decisions in how we manage our stores.  With more stores to come, we see a great future with BRP Cloud.

Robert YeeCEO of Goldilocks Bakeshop USA

I’m blind to my data

My current POS doesn’t allow anytime, anywhere management of my sales, customers, inventory, and labor reporting data. What do I do?

Implement a cloud based POS solution to keep you connected to stores with real-time data available at your fingertips.

Getting Set Up is Easy


Our team is built of experts who worked in retail and restaurants. We start by learning about your business and understanding what we can improve.

Agile Implementation

Our solutions are implemented and deployed using an agile and iterative implementation strategy that we have developed.

Custom Configuration

Our solution experts work with you to configure the system custom to your business needs.


We test and verify that your solution is working optimally and make sure your using the products current and future release feature set.

Start Selling

Our solutions are built to simplify your IT and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Reduce Initial Cost

Thin client hardware is extremely cost effective and durable

Replacement is simple

Less Time Training Employees

Transient workforces are more easily trained on touch-screen intuitive touch screen devices

Top end customer experience with mobile payment and customer facing options

Easy to Support

Hardware troubleshooting can be done remotely

No more jiggling cords and panicked re-booting for frozen screens