Network Packages

Keep critical data and networks safe from a host of threats.

I need to keep my cloud data secure but I don’t want to be restricted when we grow…

Ensure your networks and critical data remain protected

  • Improve Productivity: With our Managed Network Security solutions, you can unburden your IT staff from daily security tasks

  • Minimize Risk: Your organization will be able to stay ahead of the latest threats with comprehensive security protection

  • Reduce Costs: We deliver the integrated, consolidated security every organization needs to fortify their network

Security solutions to fit your needs!

Network Content Filtering

Content Filtering

Filters web content and controls what users can view/download
based on customizable rules and categories.



Prevents, detects and removes malicious software, including
viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and adware.

Application Control

Application Control

Protects desktops and servers by allowing or denying application
usage based on pre-defined customized business policies.

Intrusion Protection

Intrusion Prevention

Uses real-time intelligence to proactively detect prevent and mitigate malicious traffic from accessing the networks.

Launching a new Goldilocks location was greatly simplified with BRP Cloud. It was helpful to have their assistance configuring and customizing the system to my liking. I’m very happy to be controlling my labor and food costs using the intuitive features built into their provided system.  Online reporting tools as well as available reports on my mobile phone really helped in making timely adjustments and decisions in how we manage our stores.  With more stores to come, we see a great future with BRP Cloud.

Robert YeeCEO of Goldilocks Bakeshop USA

How do I reduce my PCI compliance burden?

My current solution doesn’t offer a full suite of PCI compliance to help me identify gaps in my security. What do I do?

We’ll help identify gaps for remediation, provide added network security and provide ongoing business support.