Retail Consulting

We Help Retailers and Restaurant Operators Accelerate their Business Transformation!

I know there is something wrong in my system but I don’t know how to identify it so it can be resolved.

Strategy, selection and implementation.

  • IT Strategy: We’ll help you work through the situation, putting your customer and business goals and vision into a plan that you can understand and implement.

  • Vendor Selection: We follow a proven methodology that we’ve used successfully hundreds of times, taking you from defining your problem all the way through vendor evaluation and selection.

  • Project Implementation: We help you implement your new strategy, process or technology utilizing our experience in management and execution across hundreds of retail projects.

We always approach problems from a management perspective first.

Point of Sale

Retail POS Experts

We help you address your key customer touch points through proven business process strategies to improve your business.


Our business needs the right tools, but deciding which systems and processes are right for you, and which are just window dressing, is an overwhelming task.


Retail Analytics

The key is to prioritize the highest impact areas of your business and understand how to best leverage the extensive retail analytics capabilities.

Planning & Allocation

The key is to identify the optimal inventory quantities necessary to support sales without shortages, while minimizing markdowns and unproductive inventory.

Launching a new Goldilocks location was greatly simplified with BRP Cloud. It was helpful to have their assistance configuring and customizing the system to my liking. I’m very happy to be controlling my labor and food costs using the intuitive features built into their provided system.  Online reporting tools as well as available reports on my mobile phone really helped in making timely adjustments and decisions in how we manage our stores.  With more stores to come, we see a great future with BRP Cloud.

Robert YeeCEO of Goldilocks Bakeshop USA

How do I know where to start?

I don’t where to begin and what the core issues are that are effecting my operations. What do I do?

Contact us and we can provide a comprehensive approach to help you meet your key business goals.